Electroplus TV Aerial Installation and Repair Service Harpenden, St Albans, Dunstable

Electroplus TV Aerial Services independent TV Aerial &Satellite Installation Company based in  Harpenden, Hertfordshire, and Dunstable Bedfordshire.

At Electroplus aerials services, we specialize in TV aerial and Satellite dish installation and repairs. Our experts’ team can also provide flat-screen TV installation and mounting.

Do you have a problem with your TV aerial reception? Whether you have BT Vision, Talk Talk, Freesat, Freeview, Sky, and European satellite installations, our experts can help you.

We have 35 Years Experience for Electronic technician and TV Aerial & Satellite installation. We never use contractors or hire a technician from outside of our company. We know how important the privacy of your property. Whenever you call our phone directly you can speak with our engineer who will serve also provide service for you no middleman or agency. We have great knowledge of TV Aerial systems. We can solve your problems. TV Aerial repairing. TV Aerial, additional TV Points outlets installing, TV Aerial upgrading, IRS System, Radio Aerial, TV Aerial signal Problems, TV Aerial points move and many more problems we can solve on the same day without any delay for you can continue to enjoy watching your TV.

New Aerial Install

If you have problems with TV aerial signal or have a problem with your old aerial system. We can install a new digital TV aerial system for you. Electroplus always used quality also professional-grade material and equipment for all our installation jobs. We always discussed with the customer how they want cabling and Aerial location or other details. For us your opinion important also after we completed the job our aim %100 customer satisfactory from our jobs. We know quality is always in small details. Your opinion always counted. Please link below for ease online free of charge estimate visit or call us from 07795803425 for more information and advice.

What You Can Receive from TV Aerial.

In UK Terrestrial TV Signal Supplying and Service providing from compony calling Freeview. Depend on which Transmitter your Aerial diverted you can get around 150 Channels This is including some Radio and Data channels as well also from Freeview you can get around 15 HD quality TV Channel as well. Service providing completely free of charge and submissions free. You can get actually up the date program list from the official Freeview website or click on this link for get write website page, please. Also the UK All broadcasting system regulated from OFCOM  for checking your region transmitter  details and or complain about any problems you can visit www.ofcom.org.uk


Also From TV Aerial You can watch some Pay TV Platforms as well such a BT TV . For receive BT TV programs you have to have Good quality outdoor TV Aerial , Internet Connection and BT TV Receiver. for more information please click link for more information.

Additional TV Outlets installing

You have already a working Aerial system but if you need new additional TV aerial outlets in your property. If you want to move your aerial outlets another part of your room. Electroplus can help you with this. How many tv outlets you have already is not important. We can add and feed up the 100 TV outlets from a single TV aerial. Just click to link below for booking a free quote visit or call us from 07795803425 for more information.

Radio DAB, FM Aerial installing

If you have a reception problem with your Hi-Fi Radio system we can help you. We can install DAB or FM Radio aerial on your property you can enjoy your quality radio sounds in your place. If you have already TV outlets near your sound system we don’t need to run new cabling. Our technicians can combine TV and Radio signals from the same cabling and you can receive both signals from the current single cabling. Just click to link below for booking a free quote visit or call us from 07795803425 for more information.

Poor Reception Problems

We know how annoying to picture breaking up or freezing while watching programs you like. All you want after the difficult day you want to relax and watching TV. If you experienced any problems with your TV signals we can help you. We have all the latest test equipment and 30 years’ experience with AV systems the same day we can come and fix your system without any delay. You can continue enjoying your TV.

Multi-Room Aerial Systems

Do You need Multi-Room TV Aerial or satellite systems? We can install up the 100 TV and Satellite outlets from a single aerial or dish. Please let us what you want and where you want. We can configure also install it for you. Just click to link below for online hassle-free booking or call us from 07795803425 for more information.

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