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We Bringing lights ,your magical festive season .

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What we offering 

Many of you may find it difficult to install these lights on your own, so hire a professional Christmas light installation company to make your house sparkle, without having to lift a finger.

Price : As you can imagine  it is impossible to give you price before seeing your property and knowing what we need to do . But we offering FREE OF CHARGE Estimate visit for give you exact information and price before you making your decisions  .

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We are only local company offering this service in St Albans , Harpenden and Surround area .

  • Use only LED lights, to ensure you get the maximum quality possible, while still saving power.
  • Have early installation and late takedown options October through February.
  • Will maintain lights during the entire installation period.
  • Workers have fully insured Worker’s Compensation insurance if any accidents occur.
  • The company will listen to your ideas and offer some ideas if you need them.
  • Have years of experience to prove their liability.
  • Serves both residential and commercial customers.

Why use LED lights

LED lights are energy saving, long lasting lights and durable which make them quite different from the incandescent or CFLs bulb. They are also the best in that they…

  • LED lights do not emit any dangerous UV rays.
  • Operational in very cold and hot temperatures.
  • Can be turned off and on many times.
  • Low voltage- UV lights can run on a very low power supply.

Light Maintenance

Lights can be very fragile and delicate, especially if they are outside. This is why light maintenance is very important to make sure the business offers this service.

  • Because if there was to be any bad weather the lights are at risk.
  • You risk getting injured trying to repair them yourself.
  • Will cost more if you end up having to repair these lights.
  • It’s a big hassle and will take more time if you repair them on your own.

Fully Insured & Working on High Certified

We have £5.000.000 Public insurance and All necessary qualification ,certificate for working on high on your roof  or high points around your property.

  • Stress-free
  • No extra fees
  • Not a risk 

Listen to your Ideas

Everyone has their own vision in their head of what they want their Christmas lights to look like. Some companies may not focus on exactly what the customer wants. This is why you need to find a business that’s all about the customer and what they want.

  • They will do their best to create the “vision” in your head of your Christmas lights and home.
  • The business may be open to giving you ideas.
  • If you and the business you employ work together you can create an amazing Christmas light plan together!

Years of experience

Experience is essential when employing a business. This guarantees that they will do a good job and know the ends and outs of Christmas lights. That’s the whole reason you are hiring a professional right? What proves their experience:

  • 18 Years  in Harpenden 
  • 35 Years experience on electronics 
  • Reviews and recommendations from previous customers.

Serves both residential and commercial customers

A good Christmas light installer in Harpenden always can meet the demands of their customers for both residential homes and commercial buildings, commercial Christmas light installation is a great way to bring more customers to your building, restaurant, office or any type of commercial property.